Being a Distance Parent

Being a Distance Parent is one of the hardest things I have done in my life. It is heartbreaking to live apart from a young child when you know you are missing out on the special moments that take place in daily life. For my daughter and I, this has been a difficult transition and we have learned many lessons along the way. It is my hope that sharing these experiences and some of the techniques we have learned together will help other parents and children in the same situation. That is the essence of Cushybots and why myself and the Cushybots team feel so strongly about our product and the service it will provide to families around the world.

For my daughter and I, the journey started when she was five. A child of that age can’t understand why her parents are no longer living together and in our case, we ended up on different continents, making times zones and travel to see each other very challenging. In spite of these challenges we have maintained a very close relationship where honest communication and bonding continues to take place. My message to other distance parents out there is don’t lose hope; do the best you can every day, be patient and understanding of your child’s needs and you too can make the most of this terrible situation and continue to build a strong relationship with your distant child.

Traveling Together


Traveling together for the summer.