Story Time

When you live together with your child, story time is one of the most important times of the day. It is a chance for you to take a quiet moment together, snuggle and for your child, it is a moment when they have you all to themselves. For the distance parent it can be incredibly difficult to miss out on these moments. While there is no way yet to fully replicate the experience of story time from a distance, my daughter and I have found some ways to make sure she still hears my voice every night before bed. In the three years we have lived apart, we can say that we have never once missed a nighttime story. You can have this too!

Phone Calls

Of course story time on the phone is an option, and not a bad one, but we have found this is problematic in many instances. We live on different continents and the time difference makes her bedtime during my sleep time. Another issue is a spotty chat app connection which can turn what was intended to be a nice moment together into a frustrating experience for both parties, particularly if you the parent are doing it on a mobile phone outside of the home or in a noisy environment.

Record Stories Using An App

The most reliable way to deliver the nightly story is through a recording. While this is less rewarding for the parent since it lacks feedback, it delivers a calm and consistent experience for your child which my daughter and I have found fantastic for keeping me in her day-to-day life. In our case, I makeup a story each night, often times continuing from where we left off the night before in a new “episode.” If making up stories is not your strong suit, no worries; reading them can be just as good. The bonus is that the story from the night before actually becomes a topic for discussion the next day when you call! I use my phone to make these recordings and then send the file to her tablet via a chat service. The app I use is called Easy Voice Recorder Pro (unsponsored link) but there are a bunch which do the same thing.

Record a story

Story Time!

Record a story using an app on your phone. I use Easy Voice Recorder Pro (no affiliation).

Allen Tan