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Controllable arms with hands that can pick up objects

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Non-technical User Interface

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Utilizing VR-style natural movement motion tracking

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AI User Drive & Control Assistance

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Movement scripts to make complex movement effortless

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Lighting & body designed for play

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Safe for the home

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Lightning fast video feed and controls


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Effortless control of your privacy, safety and the integrity of your home environment that is impossible to hack. A physical “key” can be removed to shut the robot down instantly. This severs the network connection as well as all physical movement control. Caregivers can control the hours when the robot is available for remote calls by controlling this key.

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The Cushybots robot only needs WiFi to accept calls and a power outlet to charge.

The calling parent only needs a computer, the provided handheld controllers, and an internet connection to initiate the call and control the robot.

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You don’t need to be an expert or “technology person” to control our robot. Our advanced systems do the technical stuff and leave the fun part to you. The robot is controlled using natural movements through a visual interface. This means there is no need to remember complicated menus, gestures or an array of buttons. Many automated functions mean that even the least tech savvy parent or grandparent can play and have fun!

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We know nothing replaces in-person interaction. What we offer is the closest thing possible for those living in separated from young children. With a child physiologist on our team from the beginning, getting the key features right to enable intimacy is what we do.

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Cushybots robotic surrogates are designed to be around children. From the mechanical systems to the electrical connections, safety is our first concern. The surrogate robot hands and limbs are carefully calibrated to ensure their strength is not enough to accidentally hurt a child and numerous internal controls, sensors and software is integrated to ensure a safe remote play experience.