Our Story 


Cushybots is a personal mission

Solving a deeply personal problem affecting millions of families.

Our purpose is to bring children closer to their remote parents. We are born from the firsthand experience of a parent struggling to stay connected to his young daughter’s life from a different continent. This pedigree means we understand that Cushybots are not about cool mechanical systems, but instead about great experiences between children and their loved ones. For the child and parent, the Cushybot experience is natural and simple. Users remain unaware of the truly advanced technical systems created unpinning their experience.


The dream team

Cushybots is a technology startup which was founded by a mechanical engineer, university robotics professor and award winning product designer. This team brings massive technical experience in all aspects of the product engineering and manufacturing process, all grounded in the very personal experiences of distance parenting.

Allen Tan.jpg

Allen Tan


Seasoned Leader,

Entrepreneur and Award Winning Product Designer


John Wright

Mechanical Engineering

Design for Manufacture, Mechanics


Dr. Garret Clayton


Professor of Mechatronics Villanova University,

Robot Guru


Dr. C. Nataraj

Artificial Intelligence

Professor, Scientist & Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Lead


Porhour Ly

User Experience

Experienced UX/UI Designer, and Graphics Designer